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    Quinns Story


    Team Quinn

    My name is Quinn Waitley and I am an Adaptive Surfer and Athlete. I’m one of seven girls in my family, also I am one of four identical quadruplet girls. Because of our premature birth I was born with spastic Cerebral Palsy. Growing up with a disability had its challenges but my family treated me like any other kid, my sisters would always drag me around to do the same things that they were doing. Naturally I threw myself into sports. I have played many sports but my two favorite are Adaptive surfing and skateboarding. Sports have impacted my life tremendously by changing my perspective and forcing me to overcome my physical limitations. One of my favorite things about surfing is that it forces me to leave my chair. Skateboarding has helped me view my chair as a positive thing. I know I have a truly blessed life and honestly I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

    Surfing has impacted my life so many ways. It always makes me get outside and enjoy the day. There’s something about being in the ocean that connects people to one another, no matter how different we are. It constantly reminds me that I can push past my limits both mentally and physically. Surfing has also helped change my outlook on life. Everyone has good and bad days but our true character comes out with how we choose to deal with the bad days. I have come to realize that we need our bad days to put our good days into perspective. If I go surfing and catch no waves, it's another day I get to spend doing what I love and overcoming my disability.