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    Team Quinn

    Team Quinn

    Mission Statement

    Team Quinn’s mission is to celebrate, encourage, support and share the richness and purpose that people with disabilities contribute to our human experience and our personal communities.

    Our Story

    Team Quinn has evolved significantly over the past 2 years. We serve people with disabilities or disabling conditions and their families. It is our goal to help integrate and connect them with the community through local events and service opportunities. We sponsor and support several community blood drives, and purchase and serve meals at the San Diego Ronald Mcdonald house every month. We hold multiple adaptive surf events a year and are most excited to grow this program within our non-profit.

    ​​​​​​​Why Surfing?

    We have seen firsthand the significant and positive impact that surfing has on quality of life, specifically for individuals with disabilities or in disabling circumstances. For most people with disabilities, surfing has never even been considered on the horizon of possibilities, even going to the beach is seen as an extremely daunting task. By providing access to the beach and the option to surf (which is very clearly a sport that involves standing) we begin to create a shift in perspective as to what is accomplishable, experience, and overcome. We hope to inspire a rippling effect that changes overall outlook on life and what is possible.

    We feel that surfing is not only fun but therapeutic for the mind and body. Being in the ocean and the feeling of riding a wave is a truly beautiful experience that we want to share with as many people as possible. We understand it is not for everyone, but we encourage everyone to give it a go!

    One of the biggest benefits we have seen through surfing is the community involvement. The surfing community is an incredible one and our events allow them the opportunity to give back and share what they are passionate about with the disabled community. We have seen profound connections and life-changing moments between our volunteer surfers and our disabled surfers. Team Quinn firmly believes in the importance of integrating the disabled population into the community, and our events allow like-minded people to come together and help individuals make connections and build relationships with one another that they wouldn’t have normally had the opportunity to make.

    There are many amazing foundations who do adaptive surfing as well, and we are so proud to be a part of the growth and development of the sport of adaptive surfing. What sets us apart from similar organizations is our drive to encourage and inspire others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle that involves integrating and giving back to the community, developing relationships, celebrating our differences and similarities, and trying new things that ultimately results in finding what we are passionate about.